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Meghan Zavitz

Graphic Designer


Lilo & Stitch Movie Poster Redesign and Concept Art


A Poster Redesign of the original Disney Lilo & Stitch Movie Poster along with a Concept Art piece.

Book Cover Series Redesign

Publication Design

For this work, which I refer to as “Book Cover Series Redesign,” since it is not an actual trilogy of books, I took the cover designs of three books by Gregory Maguire and styled them in a different way.

New Logomark
Tea Scoop Identity Redesign

Identity Redesign

For the Identity Redesign of the Tea Scoop Boba Tea & Smoothie Shop I brought in whimsical elements and feelings in order to create an identity that is more in line with the vision and emotion of the owners and the company.

Bamboozled Pulp & Paper Co. Environmetal Awareness Celebration Posters

Paper Mill Booklet / Sustainable Design

Four Environmental Awareness Posters were created to celebrate the earth and a paper mill company that respected mother nature.

From this came:

“Amphitrite - Celebration of Clean Water,” “Gaia - Celebration of a Clean Earth,”

“Hera - Celebration of Clean Air,” and
“Spirit - Celebration of Flower Power.”

Spirit Postcard
Executive Surf Club Website Redesign

Web Design

A Mock Website Redesign for the Executive Surf Club Restaurant in Corpus Christi, Texas.

Sweet Marigold Natural Beauty

Corporate Identity Brand Design

Sweet Marigold is the name of the Corporate Identity Brand Design for sensitive skin care products. The goal of the identity is that “Beauty is for Everyone,” as it should be, those who deal with sensitive skin conditions deserve to have beauty products that make them

feel beautiful and loved. 

Janis Joplin Singing
Janis Joplin Mock Website Design

Web Design

A Mock Website for Janis Joplin was designed to pay tribute to one of the greatest singers of all time. She truly was the “Queen of Rock and Roll,” and her soul shined through her monumental voice.

Island of the Blue Dolphins

Publication Design

A Book Cover Redesign of the classic children's novel "Island of the Blue Dolphins" by Scott O'Dell.

Retsuko Detail.jpg
Aggretsuko Editorial Article Designs

Editorial Illustration Design

An Editorial Illustration Design for "Aggretsuko on Netflix: Adorable Anime or Subversive Millennial Messaging?" Two other Editorial Illustration Design articles were created as a series to go with the first Editorial Illustration.

Nectar da Vida Superfood Cafe

Corporate Identity Brand Design

A Corporate Identity Brand Design for the restaurant Nectar da Vida Superfood Cafe. The design reflects the atmosphere of the location which is Lahaina, Maui.  The bright colors are meant to represent the freshness of the ingredients used in the restaurant and the goodness it provides for health.

Special Edition T-Shirt Detail.png
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