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Lilo & Stitch Movie Poster Redesign and Concept Art

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The Movie Poster Redesign was created to better represent the scenes, characters, and environments of the movie. The original poster was of Nani, Lilo, and Stitch surfing with a little information in the background that alluded to a tropic location. I brought this poster up to date with a more streamlined look and added more information from the movie to the poster to give it a sense of depth. I like the original poster, it has a sense of whimsy, but it didn’t accurately portray enough of what was happening to understand the movie would be about an alien landing in Kauai, Hawaii.

The Concept Art was made to better understand the emotions of the main characters and incorporate the “Elvis” musical theme of the movie.

  • Graphis Silver Award Poster Annual – Lilo & Stitch Movie Poster Redesign 2021

  • Silver Illustration Award – Lilo & Stitch Movie Concept Art AIGA Counterspace Competition 2021

  • Best in Illustration Category/Gold Award – Lilo & Stitch Movie Poster Redesign AIGA Counterspace Competition 2021

  • LICC Official Selection – Lilo & Stitch Movie Poster Redesign 2020

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