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Book Cover Series Redesign

Project Type

Publication Design


For this project, I named it “Book Cover Series Redesign,” since it is not an actual trilogy of books, I took the cover designs of three books by Gregory Maguire and styled them in a different way. Instead of the more illustrative look of the original covers, I strove to make them look as if they were older and gave them a vintage design. For every book all of the elements were handpicked from the actual story. The book dust covers were made so that you would only be able to see a small glimpse of the book creating a sense of mystery. The only information given was the name, this way it would create intrigue in the audience to find out more about the book.

  • LICC Official Selection 2020

  • C2A Creative Communications Winner 2020

  • Bronze Award – Book Cover Design for “Wicked” AIGA Counterspace Competition 2020

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