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Sweet Marigold Poster 1
Sweet Marigold Poster 2

Sweet Marigold Natural Beauty

Project Type

Corporate Identity Brand Design


Sweet Marigold is the name of the Corporate Identity Brand Design for sensitive skin care products. The reason I chose “Marigold” is because of its medicinal properties. The genus name of the species is Calendula Officinalis, or commonly referred to as Pot Marigold or English Marigold. Sweet Marigold was chosen as it is meant to be “sweet” to the skin of those who suffer from skin allergies or other skin problems that can be naturally healed through the use of oil made from the petals of the Marigold plant. The goal of the identity is that “Beauty is for Everyone,” as it should be, those who deal with sensitive skin conditions deserve to have beauty products that make them feel beautiful and loved. I kept the design minimal but still used a lot of shapes and colors to convey a sense of whimsy in the product line.

  • C2A Creative Communications Honorable Mention in Corporate Identity/Branding 2021

  • Poster Stellars 1st Intercontinental Poster Competition – United States – Selected Stellar Finalist – Advertising – Student Category 2021

  • Graphis New Talent Annual Honorable Mention 2022

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