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Island of the Blue Dolphins

Project Type

Publication Design


A new Book Cover Design for one of my favorite novels, "Island of the Blue Dolphins" by Scott O'Dell. It is an older novel, and most of the cover designs are not very pretty or modern. Most lack an emphasis of the bond between the main character, Karana, and her beloved wild dog, Rontu. Being left behind on an island all by yourself when you are only twelve years of age and living there for another eighteen years by yourself would be terrifying and lonely. I placed important aspects of the novel around the two to show all that they went through together. I wanted their embrace to highlight the importance of their relationship, as I don't believe Karana would have made it on her own for that long without Rontu as her constant companion.

  • LICC Shortlist - Island of the Blue Dolphins Book Cover Design 2020

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