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Aggretsuko Adorable Animal or Subversive Millenial Messaging Mockup.png

Aggretsuko Editorial Article Designs

Project Type

Editorial Illustration Design


The Aggretsuko Editorial Illustration Design was created around an article published in Vogue Daily Magazine, "Aggretsuko on Netflix: Adorable Anime, or Subversive Millennial Messaging?" I styled Aggretsuko in the same manner as she is portrayed in media. I showed her rage and anger, which is what makes the show so unique. A sweet and kind "Retsuko" becomes "Aggretsuko" to let out all the pent up feelings from her corporate job by singing death metal in a karoake bar. The other Editorial Illustration Articles came from different magazines: one provides more insight into the depth and personality of the characters of the show and the other described the newest season that was to be released at that time where Retsuko becomes a Pop Idol. Credit is given to Sanrio, Inc. as Aggretsuko is their character and show. Credit is also given to the three articles used for the illustrations:

  • "Aggretsuko on Netflix: Adorable Anime, or Subversive Millennial Messaging?" by Janelle Okwodu, May 1, 2018, written for Vogue Daily

  • "Aggretsuko: 10 Hidden Details About The Main Characters Everyone Missed" by Rasheeda Campbell, September 4, 2019, written for SCREENRANT

  • "Aggretsuko Gets New Season 3 Trailer and a Unicorn" by Jose Mateo, August 11, 2020, for GAMERANT

  • Bronze Illustration Award– Aggretsuko on Netflix: Adorable Anime or Subversive Millennial Messaging? AIGA Counterspace Competition 2021

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